GSC designs and develops software applications that will make your particular
business model as efficient as possible

Systems are designed for:
Scalabilty - Easy Intergration - User Friendliness
Modern Architectures - High Security
Workflow Management Systems/Application Design & Development
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Case Study
Company's Challange
The client is a company that conducted customer support services and market research.
Their employees generally worked out of home offices and were technologically naive.
This created productivity monitoring challanges as well as data privacy and security issues.
Services Provided
Needs Analysis and Systems Designs
Using the knowledge gathered in a series of meetings with all departments, designed both
custom and packaged architectures that would handle the needs of management, regulators
and the end-users.

Created formal design documents for presentation to the Board of Directors. These included a phased approach to show a path of
progression that would parallel their growth into the future.

Software Development/Implementation
In a short timeframe dictated by the client's contractual obligations, developed and implemented the customized core architecture.
More Reliable and Available Data
Centralized data allows for data consistency, management control, and staffing flexibility

Regulatory Compliance
Application limited access of all data to the personnel who were authorized to use it only when they needed it.

Opportunity for Expansion
This unique software application is being used as a selling tool to provide services for other customer populations.