Who we are.
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4807 SW 34th Avenune, Suite 100
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
In 2001, Mr. Grossman founded GSC and
has since served as President. In this role
he has been responsible for performing
the analysis necessary to formulate short
and long-term strategies and designing
and implementing the necessary
workflows and information systems to
support rapidly growing/changing
business in a variety of sectors.
For many engagements, Mr. Grossman acts as a virtual temporary Chief
Operating Officer (COO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO). In this
capacity he oversees all aspects of the transition. This includes
marketing, reengineering the operations, updating the technology, and
most importantly overseeing and tracking the finances.

For the previous fifteen years, Mr. Grossman was a hands-on IT/Business
Leader and Systems Architect who, in both a management and consulting
role, improved the efficiency of business processes through the
introduction or modernization of technology.

Career Highlights include:
-Building and leading teams (1-40+ people) that successfully developed
and supported high-quality enterprise-wide applications running in
multiple sites with thousands of users
-Performing analysis which tied financial results back to operational data
-Managing Mission Critical Projects with budgets of $10,000,000 and
financial implications of over $100,000,000
-Developing and implementing both short and long-term enterprise-wide
information strategies for startup as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Grossman holds a BA in Computer Science and Political Science from
Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and an MBA from Florida Atlantic
University in Boca Raton, FL.
Marc G. Grossman, President
Amy J. Grossman, Vice President
Ms. Grossman has been with GSC since its
inception. Her role is to coordinate all
Marketing Campaigns, Brand Management
and training for GSC clients.
While implementing advertising campaigns,
social media and brand design,
Ms. Grossman brings her creativity to all

Ms. Grossman has a diverse background and brings over 25 years
experience in wholesale manufacturing, retail management, brand
management and art direction.

As a leader in the New York Fashion Arena, Ms. Grossman has developed a
unique style to her work. She has been able to apply her talent to Fashion
(Retail and Wholesale), Branding, Art Direction and Project Management
for non-profits.

Career Highlights include:
-Building a unique relationship training module for retail salespersons
integrating IT technologies and human behavior
-Building Brand recognition for major fashion companies
-Developing and Implementing office policies and procedures for
Non-Profits organizations
-developing brand strategies for local non-profits in South Florida
-Building and leading sales teams (1-20+ people) that successfully
achieved or exceeded their goals.

Ms. Grossman is an advocate in the community and involved with:
Board Member- Junior League of Greater Ft. Lauderdale
Board Member- Friends of the Ft. Lauderdale Library System
Broward Art Guild

Ms. Grossman holds a B.S from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and
attended University of Miami School of Law, Coral Gables, FL.