GSC uncovers hidden factors that are affecting your bottom line by compiling and
analyzing data from across your whole enterprise.

The anaylsis is performed from a financial management perspective to ensure that
the resulting information is of the most use to senior management.

The goal is a clear business strategy and a specific plan on how your IT systems
can assist you to achieve it.
Enterprise Data Analysis
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Case Study
Company's Challange
The client had a business that on a transaction basis appeared to have a high margin. However,
that margin did not materialize on the bottom line.
Services Provided
Data Warehouse Creation
All the systems at the company were designed for optimal day-to-day operations without concern
for data analysis. To correct this, a quick and clean data warehouse was set up with a combination
of operational and financial data.

Back to Front Data Analysis
Flowed all processes starting with the financial statement and working back to the individual transaction.
Modeled typical customer and transaction profiles to explain current financials.
Identified trends for use in future forecasting.
Financial Knowledge
Upper management received better information of the factors influencing their bottom line and methodology for predicting
future business trends.

Systems Roadmap
IT had an operational prototype of the data warehouse to help meet future management requests.

Marketing Direction
Sales force developed a new understanding of the most profitable product mixes.