GSC services drive all aspects of brand performance.

We create, develop and execute a brand strategy. From product/service
determination to logo, tagline, brand expression (look and feel), brand guidelines
and graphic standards, we create and coordinate all internal and external
communications that are your brand.

GSC trains your staff to implement the highest costumer service and
maintain brand integrity.
Brand Management
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Case Study
Company's Challange
The company's founders were separating their partnership agreement. One partner was keeping the current
company name, brand image, logo and all advertising associated with it. Our client, departed the company
with only a few of his clients. Our client need to have a new brand created.
Services Provided
New Company Creation
New Company name was created, along with logo, tagline and website.

Brand Strategy
Identified the core components of the companies services that would be the base of its brand. As a business to consumer business,
it was imperative that all employees be trained in the highest level of customer service.

Advertising/Marketing Strategy
Based on budget, GSC provided a short-term advertising campaign and a long-term marketing strategy to ensure sustainablity of
the new company.
By monitoring the competitive landscape of the category in which the new company resides, we were able to
build up the new company's brand in the marketplace.