GSC maps out how Information Technology can add to the long-term
profitability of a company with a minimum of cost and inconvience to your staff

Our planning process can accent on the long-term 30,000 foot view of your
whole enterprise or a shorter-term view of specific areas of concern

Business Analysis/Strategic Planning
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Case Study
Company's Challange
A company was starting up a subsidiary operation with intense information processing needs.
They had a long-term business plan that required a sophisticated custom application and a
large infrastructure. However, there short-term cash flow was going to be tight and the required
initial time to market was quickly apporaching . They needed an IT architecture and strategy
that could be implemented very quickly at a minimal cost while allowing scalability and
enhancements on a continual basis.
Services Provided
Stategic Development
Architected short and long-term hardware, database and software strategies. This strategy included how the new technology
could be effectively marketed against existing competition.

Project Management
Manged the implementation of the strategy
On Budget
Company achieved short-term implementation goals on time and on budget

Clarified Big Picture
Parent Company had a clearer picture of what resources would be required in the long-term

Increased Company Value
Sound IT infrastructure and architecture added signifcantly to selling price of the company